Here Comes the World


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Sat., Aug. 22nd
ZUZI! Theater in the Historic Y
738 N. 5th Ave. (corner of E. University Blvd) Tucson, AZ 85705
8 pm
all ages

Musicians Thollem McDonas, Glenn Weyant, Michael Dauphinais and Pablo Peregrina will be joined by the ZUZI! Dancers to remix, reinterpret, and re-present transformative footage from a Border Wall experience earlier in the day shot within the Arizona, USA/Sonora, Mex. militarized zone.

The audio and video will fill the space as a point of departure for an improvisation illustrating the dynamics surrounding political borders as well as the inevitable collapse of all that is rigid and seemingly unmovable.

The sonic score will be created live with amplified found objects, field recordings, electronics, and instruments of both traditional and original design.

The world comes to us as much as we go to the world with a sense of humility, humor and adventure, awake to possibilities and with curiosity and unity across borders of all kinds.

Glenn Weyant “drags a cello bow across one of the protruding metal tines on the border wall and the symphony begins.” (The Desert Leaf)

Thollem, “transgressing genre boundaries as much as he transcends them” (All About Jazz, NY)

Michael Dauphinais, “a marvelous collaborative pianist” (ITEA Journal)

ZUZI!, embracing the history and tradition of modern dance and responding to current trends in the field, in society, and in the arts.

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